• TJ 8.8 Swap kit OEM LCA brackets (Pair)

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    Upgrade your Jeep’s lower control arm brackets with Artec Industries’ Heavy Duty Brackets for reliable, worry-free off-roading. Specifically design... Read More
    Upgrade your Jeep’s lower control arm brackets with Artec Industries’ Heavy Duty Brackets for reliable, worry-free off-roading. Specifically designed to improve functionality, these brackets provide a durable replacement for factory brackets prone to damage. Read Less

    Complete your build with

    TJ 8.8 Swap kit OEM LCA brackets (Pair)

    • 2.625" mounting width fits common sized cartridge joints and factory control arm bushings
    • Designed to not interfere with joint movement
    • Secured to axle better than OEM so it doesn’t rip off
    • 1/4" thick steel
    • Boxed plate for strength and impact resistance
    • Sold in a pair

    Off-roading is all about adventure, but bent and mangled factory lower control arm brackets can quickly spoil the fun. Artec’s Heavy Duty Brackets provide a reliable replacement that ensures you’ll never have to worry about bracket damage again. Unlike standard factory brackets, ours are specifically designed to improve functionality. Enjoy the thrill of the off-road without worrying about equipment failure.

    Notes : This part requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.


    Install Instructions

    Warning:  Installing this product requires Welding and Fabrication skills, If you are not confident in your abilities to complete this task please have this installed at an qualified off-road shop .  


    Tools required:  Safety glasses, Socket Set, Wrench Set, Torque wrench, Angle Finder,  Cutting tools ( Example : sawzall, grinder, plasma cutter, cutting torch, )  Welder,  Jack, Jack stands, Wheel Chocks.


    Step 1:

    Please take inventory of parts,  Call Artec Industries Immediately if you have incorrect or missing components @ (855) 278-3299 M-F 8am-5pm MST  If outside of those hours please send us an Email at Sales@ArtecIndustries.com


    Step 2:

    Loosen your lug nuts on the rear wheels (do not fully remove them)


    Step 3:

    Place wheel chocks at front wheel of the Jeep,  Jack up the rear of the Jeep and Securely  place the Frame onto Tall Jack stands  and axle onto shorter Jack stands .


    Step 4:

    Remove the Lug nuts and wheels  from vehicle


    Step 5:

    Use your 21mm Wrench and socket to  completely remove the lower control arm from the vehicle (We recommend only working on 1 side of the vehicle at a time.)


    Step 6:

    Cut off your lower control arm mount from the vehicle and grind the area smooth to prep for welding.


    Step 7:

    Place the  lower control arm mount on axle and align outside edge with outside edge of coil bottom plate. 

    You should have 1/2" between the LCA mount and shock mount .

    (These mounts are side specific, so ensure they angle towards the center of the vehicle)

    If you are using OEM control arms, tack weld mounts at approximately 64 degrees from level. If using aftermarket control arms, choose your desired angle.

    For greater ground clearance rotate up and slide bracket slightly over to clear coil bottom plate, (But only do that if you have adjustable lower control arms.)


    Step 8:

    Spray the LCA bracket with a self-etching primer and paint (We have found achieved the best results with Rustolem products)


    Step 9:

    Reinstall the Lower Control Arm axle side first then  install the frame side of the arm,  Install the bolts and nuts finger tight at this time !


    Step 10 :

    Repeat Steps 5-9 on the opposite side of the vehicle


    Step 11:

    Install the wheels back on the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts (do not torque them yet)


    Step 12:

    Use the jack to raise the Jeep off of the jack stands and remove them from under the vehicle Then lower the Jack .


    Step 13:

    With the vehicle on the ground Torque the lug nuts to manufacturer spec (95ftlbs)


    Step 14:

    Torque the Lower control arms to 130ftlbs (Stock Arms only)   If you have Aftermarket arms refer to the arm manufacturers specs (most adjustable arms will have a spec around 90ft lbs)


    Step 15:

    Check bolts  for tightness after 50miles or a few trips off-road (whichever occurs first)

    Install videos are coming soon.

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