• Discover the Utah Public Lands Alliance (UPLA), a dedicated organization formed in 2014 with a mission to preserve Utah's public lands for diverse public use. UPLA unites various user groups to maintain access and promote responsible recreational use of these lands. As an all-volunteer non-profit, UPLA collaborates closely with regulatory agencies to ensure the improvement, access, enforcement, and protection of public lands. Join us in supporting UPLA's efforts to keep Utah's natural landscapes open and enjoyable for future generations​​.

    Explore the history and achievements of the BlueRibbon Coalition, a national recreation group established in 1987. This organization champions responsible use of public and private lands and encourages environmental stewardship. BlueRibbon Coalition has been instrumental in trail funding legislation and legal advocacy, ensuring access to public lands for recreationists. Their commitment to recreational advocacy and public land management makes them a key player in preserving our natural heritage for all to enjoy.

    Artec Industries, renowned for its world-class aftermarket automotive parts, takes pride in supporting off-road enthusiasts. Our partnership with UPLA and BlueRibbon Coalition reinforces our commitment to trail preservation. We believe in breaking the mold with innovative designs and exceptional service, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed the demands of off-roading. By aligning with UPLA and BlueRibbon, Artec Industries underscores its dedication to sustainable off-roading practices, ensuring that the trails we all love remain accessible and well-maintained for future adventures​.

    "Utah has become ground zero for a lot of the biggest fights we are seeing in efforts to keep our public lands open for recreation."

    Loren Campbell

    President UPLA

    "Artec Industries proudly partners with UPLA and BlueRibbon, reinforcing our shared vision for sustainable off-roading and trail preservation."

    Nate Price

    CEO, Artec Industries

    "A unified off-road industry - with great companies like Artec Industries leading the way - is going to be an unstoppable force for keeping our public lands open. We're grateful to have the innovative leaders at Artec in our corner."

    Ben Burr

    Executive Director, Blue Ribbon Coalition/ShareTrails

    Together, Artec Industries, Utah Public Lands Alliance, and BlueRibbon Coalition are united in their commitment to conserve public lands, promote responsible recreational use, and foster innovation in off-roading. Our partnership strives to balance the thrill of off-road adventures with the stewardship of our natural landscapes, ensuring these treasures are preserved for future generations.

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