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    Artec's Heavy-Duty Rear Trackbar Bracket replaces your factory bracket for superior off-road performance. Made from ¼" thick components, it adjusts... Read More
    Artec's Heavy-Duty Rear Trackbar Bracket replaces your factory bracket for superior off-road performance. Made from ¼" thick components, it adjusts roll center, improves ground clearance, and withstands abuse. Read Less

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    JK APEX Stock Tracbar Bracket

    • 1/4" steel
    • CNC laser cut and CNC bent for precise fit
    • Engineered using 3D scan files
    • Replaces factory bracket
    • Improved ground clearance
    • Made in the USA

    Upgrade your vehicle’s off-roading capabilities with Artec Industries’ Heavy-Duty Rear Trackbar Bracket. Built to withstand serious abuse, this bracket replaces your worn factory bracket and offers superior performance with ¼" thick precision cut components. With raised trackbar holes for multiple lift styles, this bracket also adjusts the roll center higher for greater stability and improves ground clearance over factory brackets. Don’t settle for subpar equipment. Choose Artec Industries for the ultimate off-roading experience.

    Notes : If your lift replaces your trackbar and mounts to the factory axle bracket (typical with an lift that includes an adjustable trackbar), choose this BRACKET.


    Install Instructions

    Warning:  This Part Requires  General Mechanical Abilities   If you are not confident in your abilities Please have this product installed at a Local Off-Road Shop .  


    Tools Required:

    Safety Glasses, Gloves, Wrench set, Socket Set, Torque wrench, , Tie rod separator,   Jack, Jack stands(Tall and short) , Wheel chock,, Cutting tool (sawzall , cutoff wheel,  plasma cutter ect...)  Welder and welding ppe.



    Step 1:

    Take an inventory of your parts, If you are missing any parts Please contact Artec Industries Immediately @ (855) 278-3299  M-F 8:30am-5pm MST if it is after those hours please email us pictures of what you received , along with product labels on the box and packing slip at Sales@artecindustries.com


    Step 2:

    Place wheel chocks at the rear wheels,  Break free the lug nuts on the front wheels.  Use a jack to raise the front of the vehicle and set the front axle on jack stands . then remove the wheels from the vehicle .


    Step 3:

    Remove the  steering stabilizer from the axle, Now remove the tie rod and draglink from the Steering knuckles and pitman arm,  Remove the sway bar end links form the axle.    With the steering removed  Cut off the Oem  Track bar  and clean the area of any rust, dirt or paint to prep the axle for the new Artec track bar mount. 


    Step 4:

    Place part number 2  tab into key way on part number 1  slip your track bar between parts # 1 & 2 using run a bolt and nut through the holes on the bracket and track bar to set the mounting width of the track bar tack weld Part 2 onto part 1.   Remove the track bar from the bracket and fully weld Part 2 to Part number 1


    Step 5:

    Line the corner of the coil bucket up with the slot cut out on part number 2   and set the  corner of the coil bucket into the relief on part 2 and tack weld the bracket to the axle. Once the bracket is tacked into place fully weld the bracket into position.  


    Step 6:

    Install the track bar back into the Jeep,   Then reinstall the sway bar end links,   Install the Tie rod and draglink then install the stabilizer.   then the wheels (do not fully tighten lug nuts yet )


    Step 7:

    Using a jack raise the Jeep and remove the jack stands from under the axle . Lower the vehicle to the ground and torque all of the bolts to their factory specs .   Take the Jeep to have an alignment performed to make sure the alignment is in spec to prevent abnormal tire wear.   

     After 50 miles  Check all bolts for tightness and tighten if needed .

    Install videos are coming soon.

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