• Artec Bellypan

    • by Nate Price
    Artec Bellypan
    We did not take the task of designing our bellypan lightly, although making sure it was lightweight was a huge part of the engineering. Weighing in at a net of approximately 65 lbs added to the Jeep JKU after removing some factory steel "skid plates" as they call them, we hit our goal of weight savings. 
    BUT we wanted more.
    Providing protection for all of the most expensive and vital parts of the Jeep was key to the engineering, but design still needed things light. So in order to achieve this we pushed mounting points as far as they go and created a
    sub-structure of 3/16" steel brackets which support the 1/4" 6061 aluminum skins. Although we added more aluminum for coverage, we were not adding extra weight. Keeping Design and Engineering both happy. 
    Next up for engineering was make it flat and smooth like a supermodel's stomach. 
    All of the pieces interlock and there are no overlaps or hang up points whether moving in forward or reverse. 
    See how we use and abuse them to ensure you are getting the best product on the market!


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