• TJ Front Frame Coil Buckets for OEM bumpstops

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    Artec's Heavy Duty Front Frame Side Coil Buckets offer maximum strength for a custom suspension build. With laser-cut and CNC-bent pieces, this eas... Read More
    Artec's Heavy Duty Front Frame Side Coil Buckets offer maximum strength for a custom suspension build. With laser-cut and CNC-bent pieces, this easy-to-assemble kit complements the factory frame while providing a distinct look for off-road enthusiasts. Read Less

    Complete your build with

    TJ Front Frame Coil Buckets for OEM bumpstops

    • Made from 1/4" thick steel
    • CNC laser cut and CNC bent for precise fit
    • Engineered using 3D scan files
    • Directly replace your factory bumpstop
    • Utilizes OEM threading
    • Easy Installation
    • Gusseted between the coil bucket and shock mount for extra strength
    • Includes a 2.0" OD piece of DOM tubing
    • Choose factory or clevis style attachment for your shocks with this product
    • TJ/LJ direct replacement, upgrade for leaf-sprung vehicles transitioning to coil spring suspension
    • Made in the USA
    • *Requires welding and painting.

    Upgrade your vehicle suspension with Artec’s Heavy Duty Front Frame Side Coil Buckets. Made for those who want to build their suspension to their preference, these replacement coil buckets provide maximum strength and are easy to assemble. With laser-cut and CNC-bent pieces, this DIY kit is a breeze to install. Our design also complements the factory frame while providing a distinct look for off-road enthusiasts. Join the fusion of form and function with Artec Industries.

    Notes : If installing not on a TJ or LJ consideration must be made for the OEM frame width in comparison to axle width. Most leaf sprung frames do not turn inwards in this area like a TJ does so the frame is wider
    Notes : This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.


    Install Instructions




    Tools Required :

    Safety Glasses, Gloves, , Socket Set, Wrenches, Wheel chocks,  Cutting Tool of your choice (Sawzall, Grinder, plasma, cutting torch), , , Lug wrench, Wheel Lock Key (If you have wheel locks the guys at the tire shop probably lost the wheel lock key), Map gas Torch (Optional  but probably Required in Rust Belt States)   Anti seize, Blue Loctite, Cutting oil, Welder/ Welding PPE,


    Step 1:

    Inventory that you have all of the parts for your order If you are missing parts or have incorrect parts contact Artec Industries Immediately @ (855)-278-3299  M-F from 8am-5pm MST. If it is after those hours please Email Sales@Artecindustries.com


    Step 2:

    Loosen  the front lug nuts. (Do not fully remove them, Just break them free.)


    Step 3:

    Secure and properly block the rear tires of vehicle on a level surface .

    Jack up front of vehicle and install jack stands under frame behind the lower link brackets. and keep a jack under the axle Temporally. Remove wheels from vehicle,  Remove front drive shaft from the axle ,  Remove the brake calipers and rotors (Set the rotors on a flat surface so they do not warp),  Hang the calipers from the body with some bungee cords (Do not let the calipers hang freely from the brake lines this can damage them.)


    Step: 4

    Remove the coil spring retainers from the axle,   Completely remove the  Shocks the vehicle and Remove, sway bar end links, and Track bar from axle side of vehicle .


    Step 5:

    Using a jack lower slowly lower the axle to remove the coil springs.  Raise the axle back up and place jack stands under the axle.


    Step 6:

    Using a tape measure from front of frame to center of coil mount  and center of shock mount record those measurements for later. 


    Step 7:

    Remove the rubber splash guard from the lower portion inside of the fender wells, Once the rubber liners are removed you will want to unclip and move any lines or harnesses that are around the mounts to ensure they are protected and do not get cut or damaged . (You can remove the front fenders from the vehicle for more room to work if you would like but it is not needed. )  


    Step 8: 

    Cut off the existing shock/coil mount from the vehicle and grind the area smooth to ensure it is free of any debris, paint,  or rust so it is prepped for welding


    Step 9:

    Open the Bag with the small disk and set them out ,   You will take the 2 smallest disk with the hole bored into th center and weld the supplied nut to the center of those parts.    Then Weld those disk to the bottom of the long tube with the nut from the disk on the inside of the tube the rest of the round disk can be set aside for later.


    Step 10:

    You will want to stand the main bracket upright so the front and back legs are contacting the bench. (Use welding magnets to help)   Slip the long tube through the hole on the top of the coil mount. (The opening on the coil mount may need to be cleaned up with a file to get the tube to slip into place.)  The long tube should be contacting the bench and you should have roughly 1/2" of tube sticking up through the top of the main part of the coil mount.  Take the TJ2002-5 (large disk with large hole cut out )  slip this overtop of the  where it protrudes out of the top of the coil mount and weld it to the top of the coil mount and weld the tube to the disk as well. Then take the small solid disk and weld it to the top of the tube. 


    Step 11:

    Place the TJ2002-3 (large side plates) onto the tabs on the  coil mounts and tack weld into position

    Now take the small gusset  an tack weld it in position on the coil tower once both brackets are tacked into place you can fully weld them to the coil tower. 


    Step12 :

     Using the measurements you have previously taken  center the coil mount and shock mount as much as you can and weld into place on the frame .  Once the welding is completed and parts have cooled spray with Primer and Paint to keep parts from rusting . 


    Step 13:

    Remove the factory bump stop cup  and bump stop cup from the Jeeps OEM coil bucket and bolt it onto the tube on the TJ2002 shock tower.   Re install the Rubber inner fender liner into the fenders .

    Now Using a jack raise the axle off of the jack stands and remove them temporarily to lower the axle and insert the coil springs then raise the axle back up onto the Jack stands .  With the axle supported reinstall the coil spring retainers.


    Step 14:

    Install the Shocks,  Track bar, Sway bar end links onto the vehicle .

    Install the rotors and calipers onto the Jeep torque caliper bolts to 11ftlbs .   Then install the wheels and tires, tighten lug nuts.



    Step 15:

    Lower the Jeep off of the Jack stands and onto the ground.  Once the Jeep is on its own weight.

    Torque the lug nuts to 95ft lbs 

    Torque Track bar to 55ft lbs 

    Torque Shocks to 20ftlbs

    Torque Sway bar links to 75ft lbs.



    After 50 Miles torque all bolts to their proper specs

    Install videos are coming soon.

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