• Raised Trackbar Bracket for 3.5" Diameter Front Axle

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    Artec's Heavy-Duty Rear Trackbar Bracket replaces your factory bracket for superior off-road performance. Made from ¼" thick components, it adjusts... Read More
    Artec's Heavy-Duty Rear Trackbar Bracket replaces your factory bracket for superior off-road performance. Made from ¼" thick components, it adjusts roll center, improves ground clearance, and withstands abuse. Read Less

    Raised Trackbar Bracket for 3.5" Diameter Front Axle

    • 1/4" steel
    • CNC laser cut and CNC bent for precise fit
    • Engineered using 3D scan files
    • Replaces factory bracket
    • Engineered for lifts 3” or higher
    • Raises roll center for increased stability
    • Improved ground clearance
    • Made in the USA

    Upgrade your vehicle’s off-roading capabilities with Artec Industries’ Heavy-Duty Rear Trackbar Bracket. Built to withstand serious abuse, this bracket replaces your worn factory bracket and offers superior performance with ¼" thick precision cut components. With raised trackbar holes for multiple lift styles, this bracket also adjusts the roll center higher for greater stability and improves ground clearance over factory brackets. Don’t settle for subpar equipment. Choose Artec Industries for the ultimate off-roading experience.

    Notes : This bracket offers several raised trackbar holes. Every lift is different and some trial and error may be necessary to find the ideal ride. This bracket is NOT bolt on and requires welding. This bracket will also require modifying or fabricating a new trackbar itself since it will be slightly shorter. This bracket attaches to the axle next to the factory coil perch.
    Notes : This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.


    Install Instructions

    This part requires welding and fabrication skills if you are not confident in your abilities please take to an Off-road shop to install this part.


     Warning:  This part does not work with an off the shelf Track bar  A custom Track bar will need to be fabricated .


     Tools Required :

    Safety Glasses, Gloves,  Socket Set, Wrenches, Jack, Jack stand, wheel chocks, Cutting Tool of your choice (Sawzall, Grinder, plasma, cutting torch)  Welder.


     Step 1:

    Inventory that you have all of the parts for your order If you are missing parts or have incorrect parts contact Artec Industries Immediately @ (855)-278-3299  M-F from 8am-5pm MST   If it is after those hours please Email Sales@Artecindustries.com


     Step 2:

    Place wheel chocks at the rear of the vehicle ,  Use a jack to lift the front of the vehicle and set  the front axle securely onto the Jack stands.


     Step 3: 

    Remove your current track bar from the vehicle.


     Step 4:

    Use a wire wheel or flap disk to clean and prep the axle tubes for welding .


     Step 5:

    Insert Br1139-2 tab into keyway cut out on part Br1139-1.  Once the tab is inserted into the keyway insert your track bar joint into the bracket to adjust mounting width and tack weld the inner plate into place .


     Step 6: 

    Remove your track bar from the bracket and fully weld the inner part of the bracket into position.


     Step 7:

    Set track bar mount into position on the axle , Weld track bar bracket into position.


     Step 8:

    Prime and Paint the bracket we get the best results with rustolem paint .


     Step 9:

    Measure the distance from Frame side track bar mount to desired mounting hole bracket and fabricate a new track bar,  Once the track bar is fabricated install it into the vehicle. Lower the vehicle off of the Jack stands and take to an alignment shop to have an alignment is performed to ensure the geometry is correct.


    Check bolts and nuts for tightness after driving about 50 miles if they are loose tighten the bolts.

    Install videos are coming soon.

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