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    Artec Industries patent-pending APEX Truss system combines affordability, durability, and ease of installation for unparalleled Axle protection. In... Read More
    Artec Industries patent-pending APEX Truss system combines affordability, durability, and ease of installation for unparalleled Axle protection. Innovative peaked top design, optimized shock bracket locations, and factory compatibility. 3/16” thick steel truss ensures easy alignment of link mounts. Read Less

    Complete your build with

    JL 1 TON APEX Rear Axle Swap Brackets

    • In-house se CNC laser cut from ¼" and 3/16” mild steel
    • Lightweight and robust
    • Hassle-free installation: Reinforced truss – simply drop it in place and start welding
    • 3D models from Dana Corp and vehicle OEM for perfect fit and clearance.
    • 70% less welding needed than previous designs for less warping, faster turnaround, lower costs
    • Dimpled holes provide light weight and rigidity
    • Contours to the differential
    • The truss provides complete end-to-end rigidity
    • Coil bracket and bump stop pads are an extension of the Axle truss
    • The main truss provides fixture points for all suspension brackets for easy installation

    The patent pending APEX Truss system represents the next evolution of Axle trusses from Artec Industries, combining affordability, durability, lightness, and ease of installation to provide unparalleled protection for your Axle. Its innovative peaked top design offers greater rigidity, lower weight, and no long weld seams, streamlining the installation process. The Apex swap kit features multiple enhancements, including improved weldability, less welding distortion, optimized shock bracket locations, and lower & upper control arm mounts, all suggested by our network of trusted dealers and installers. This robust truss and bracket system accommodates the factory link, spring, anti-sway bar, and shock locations while withstanding extreme wear and tear. The 3/16” thick steel truss allows easy alignment of the link mounts, saving you time and hassle during the installation.

    Notes FOR 14 BOLT: The 14 bolt axle is available in a variety of vehicles over several decades. In order for the JK swap to work with factory UCA brackets, the correct width axle must be used. If you are not using factory UCA brackets, but rather a 3-link style system mounted on the truss, you can choose any width axle you need but take care to ensure its width is close to the front axle. Older 14 bolt axles will not work with ABS brackets we offer either.
    FOR STERLING AXLES: The Superduty Rear Axle (Sterling 10.25 and 10.5) is more offset to the passenger side than the factory differential and can result in contact with the gas tank at the pinion. It is likely you will need to either stretch the rear axle, or use an aftermarket gas tank. By purchasing, you acknowledge you understand potential conflict with the factory gas tank. Artec will not accept returns on modified, welded, or otherwiseresell-ableproducts.


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