• Ford SuperDuty Front Axle Lower Truss

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    Artec Industries Superduty Lower Truss reinforces the entire front axle on Ford F-250 and F-350 for maximum up-travel and no loss of ground clearan... Read More
    Artec Industries Superduty Lower Truss reinforces the entire front axle on Ford F-250 and F-350 for maximum up-travel and no loss of ground clearance. Great for mud and dune enthusiasts. Read Less

    Complete your build with

    Ford SuperDuty Front Axle Lower Truss

    • 1/4" thick mild steel precision CNC designed, cut and bent for great fitment
    • No loss of ground clearance under the cast differential
    • Bottom triangle shape provides increased structural rigidity and helps axle skid over obstacles
    • Truss spans entire length of axle for complete reinforcement of the axle tubes
    • Great for individuals who like to drive fast and jump their vehicles
    • Comes in 5 separate pieces for compact shipping and easier installation
    • Made in the USA

    Artec Industries' Superduty Lower Truss reinforces the entire front axle on Ford F-250 and F-350 for maximum up-travel and no loss of ground clearance. Designed for heavy engine use and great for mud and dune enthusiasts. CNC cut and formed to fit great on your axle with little-to-no modifications required.

    Notes : This kit requires specific welding and fabrication skills including welding to cast and forged steel. Lower control arm brackets gussets require removal prior to installation. May require small additional trimming on the seam between the truss and lower inner c based on rotation of inner c's which can vary vehicle to vehicle. Welding should only be done by a certified welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.


    Install Instructions

    Warning:  This Part Requires  General Mechanical Abilities   If you are not confident in your abilities Please have this product installed at a Local Off-Road Shop .  


    Tools Required:

    Safety Glasses, Gloves, Wrench set, Socket Set, Torque wrench, , Tie rod separator,   Jack, Jack stands(Tall and short) , Wheel chock,, Cutting tool (sawzall , cutoff wheel,  plasma cutter ect...)  Welder and welding ppe.



    Step 1:

    Take an inventory of your parts,  If you are missing any parts Please contact Artec Industries Immediately @ (855) 278-3299  M-F 8:30am-5pm MST if it is after those hours please email us pictures of what you received , along with product labels on the box and packing slip at Sales@artecindustries.com


    Step 2:

    Place Wheel chocks at the rear wheels on the vehicle.  with the vehicle on the ground break the lug nuts on the wheels free (Do not fully loosen or remove them.)  Using a jack raise up the front of the vehicle and place tall jack stands under the frame behind the lower control arm mounts.  and a shorter set under the axle.


    Step 3:

    Remove wheels from vehicle,  Remove front drive shaft from the axle ,  Remove the brake calipers and rotors (Set the rotors on a flat surface so they do not warp),  Hang the calipers from the body with some bungee cords (Do not let the calipers hang freely from the brake lines this can damage them.) Remove cotter pins on Tie rods,  Then loosen the castle nuts.   (Leave the castle nuts  installed by a few threads ! ) Remove the Steering stabilizer ,  Grab your Tie rod Separator, wedge it between the knuckle and the base of the tie rod  the hit on the end of the Tie rod separator with your Big Freaking Hammer until it pops loose. Repeat this on the other side. Remove the castle nuts and the Drag-link and tie rod should drop off the vehicle.


    Step 4:

    Remove the coil spring retainers from the axle,  Remove Shocks, sway bar end links, and Track bar. 

    Using a jack lower slowly lower the axle to remove the coil springs.  Raise the axle back up and place jack stands under the axle, Remove upper and lower control arms.  Pull the axle out from under the vehicle for more room to work.


    Step 5:

    Clean the axle tubes of any paint, rust, and debris to prep for welding.



    Step 6:

    Place part tr6005-5 under the Passenger Side tube between the Lower control arm mount and the C for the knuckle and tack weld into place. 


    Step 7:

    Place tr6005-1  on the driver side Axle tube between the differential and C for the knuckle. and Tack weld into place


    Step 8:

    Place  tr6005-2 on the axle tube between the diff housing and control arm bracket on the passenger side

    and tack weld into place


    Step 9:

    Tack weld part Tr6005-4 in the opening on the tr6005-1 and tack weld into place .


    Step 10:

    Tack weld part Tr6005-3 in the opening on Tr6005-2 and the housing.


    Step 11:

    Stitch weld all of the Truss Pieces to the axle tubes and housing  Move around from 1 end to the other and work your way around the axle to keep the heat down to minimize the risk of warping the axle . After the truss is welded on the axle  Prime and paint the axle.


    Step 12:

    Reinstall the axle into the vehicle  and torque all bolts to factory specs .


    After 50 miles  Check all bolts for tightness and tighten if needed .

    Install videos are coming soon.

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