• Crossover Weld-On High Steer Arms - 99-04 SuperDuty

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    Artec Industries affordable and configurable weld-on arms fix swap steering issues. Fully fabricated for optimal geometry and clearances, with incl... Read More
    Artec Industries affordable and configurable weld-on arms fix swap steering issues. Fully fabricated for optimal geometry and clearances, with included knuckle bolts, tapered spacers, and 3/4" bolt holes for added strength. Laser-cut from 1/4" steel for accurate fitment, minimal modifications needed, and sold in pairs. Read Less
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    Crossover Weld-On High Steer Arms - 99-04 SuperDuty

    • Configurable and affordable weld-on arms for optimal steering setup
    • Fully fabricated for best geometry and clearances
    • Allows straight tie rods and clears deep differential covers
    • Includes knuckle bolts and tapered spacers for tight fit and increased strength
    • 3/4" bolt holes for uncompromising steering strength
    • Precision laser-cut from 1/4" steel and CNC bent for accurate fitment
    • Minimal modification to OEM knuckle needed*
    • Sold in pairs.

    Artec Industries' weld-on arms are configurable and affordable to eliminate swap steering issues, providing three variations for optimal steering setup. They are fully fabricated for the best steering geometry and clearances, allowing straight tie rods and clearing even deep differential covers. The included knuckle bolts and tapered spacers provide a tight fit and increased strength, while 3/4" bolt holes ensure uncompromising steering strength. These arms are precision laser-cut from 1/4" steel and CNC bent for accurate fitment, and minimal modification to the OEM knuckle is needed. Sold in pairs.


    Install Instructions

    Warning:  Installing this product requires Welding and Fabrication skills, If you are not confident in your abilities to complete this task please have this installed at an qualified off-road shop .


    Required Tools : Safety glasses, Socket Set, Wrench Set, Cutting tools ( Example : sawzall, grinder, plasma cutter, cutting torch, ), ball joint press  Welder,  Jack, Jack stands, Wheel Chocks.


    Step 1:

    Please take inventory of parts,  Call Artec Industries Immediately if you have incorrect or missing components @ (855) 278-3299 M-F 8am-5pm MST  If outside of those hours please send us an Email at Sales@ArtecIndustries.com


    Step 2:

    Remove the steering from the knuckles then remove the knuckles from the axle .  


    Step 3: 

    Drill out the knuckle bolt hole to accept a 3/4" bolt.  Now remove your ball joints from the knuckle


    Step 4:

    Clean and prep knuckle surface of all dirt, Grease, Paint and other debris to ensure the surface is ready for welding


    Step 5: 

    Heat the knuckle to 400 degrees  once knuckle is up to temperature  Lay the knuckle flat on hub side down  rest the Hs6152-3 flat against the knuckle with the round cutout at the bottom around the steering stop stanchion post .


    Step 6:

    Slip the Hs6152-1 onto the knuckle (There is a laser etch mark at the top of the Hs6152-1 & -4  This may need to be trimmed due to casting variations throughout the production years )  .The lower groove on the HS6152-3 should slip into the bottom of the HS6152-1.   Now Slip the HS6152-2 into the  center of the HS6152-1 and it should key into the groove on the hs6152-3  .   Now take your knuckle bolt kit and run it through the large round holes and bolt into place you should have some of the sleve sticking out of the top of the Hs6152 bracket .

    Step 7:

    Take your heim joints and misalignment spacers and bolt them into position  to set your joint spacing and tack weld the HS6152 parts together and remove the heim joints. 


    Step 8:

    Once the heim joints are removed you can fully weld all of the parts together.  Post heat and peen the welds to ensure they do not crack  and wrap the parts in a welding blanket to cool slowly overnight.


    Step 9: 

    Prime paint or powder coat the knuckles to finish the surfaces .


    Step 10: 

    Press in new ball joints  and install onto the axle.


    Step 11:  

    Repeat this process for the other side .   

    Install videos are coming soon.

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