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    Artec's Heavy Duty Lower Control Arm Brackets are a reliable replacement for your factory brackets, providing improved functionality and mounting l... Read More
    Artec's Heavy Duty Lower Control Arm Brackets are a reliable replacement for your factory brackets, providing improved functionality and mounting locations for your shocks, sway bar, and lower control arms. Enjoy off-roading without worrying about bracket damage. Read Less

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    JK Rear LCA Brackets with Skids

    • 2.625" mounting width fits common sized cartridge joints and factory control arm bushings
    • Integrated skid plate
    • Joint protection from direct impact
    • Decreases premature wear on joint
    • Designed to not interfere with joint movement
    • Secured to axle better than OEM so it doesn’t rip off
    • 1/4" thick steel
    • boxed plate for strength and impact resistance
    • Shock Mounts are at factory height and do not limit your up-travel
    • Provides mounting locations for you Lower Control Arms, Shocks, and Sway Bar
    • Sold in a pair

    Off-roading is all about adventure, but bent and mangled factory lower control arm brackets can quickly spoil the fun. Artec’s Heavy Duty Brackets provide a reliable replacement that ensures you’ll never have to worry about bracket damage again. Unlike standard factory brackets, ours are specifically designed to improve functionality, and provide mounting locations for your lower control arms, shocks, and sway bar. Enjoy the thrill of the off-road without worrying about equipment failure.

    Notes : This bracket requires welding to the axle and removal of the factory bracket. Welding should be done by a competent welder and Artec Industries is not liable for incorrect installation or improper welding.


    Install Instructions

    Warning:  This Part Requires  Fabrication Skills (Cutting, Grinding, Welding)  If you are not confident in your abilities Please have this product installed at a Local Off-Road Shop .  


    Tools Required:

    Safety Glasses, Gloves, Wrench set, Socket Set, Torque wrench, angle finder, tape measure,  Jack, Jack stands(Tall and short) , Wheel chock, Cutting Tool(s)(Angle Grinder with cutting and flap disk , Sawzall, Plasma cutter, Cutting torch) and Welder.


    Step 1:

    Take an inventory of your parts, If you are missing any parts Please contact Artec Industries Immediately @ (855) 278-3299  M-F 8:30am-5pm MST


    Step 2:

    Place wheel chocks at the front wheels of the vehicle,  Break loose the lug nuts on the rear wheels (do not fully remove the rear lug nuts.   Use a Jack and lift the rear of the vehicle off of the ground.  Set Jack stands on the frame in front of the rear control arm mounts and another set of jacks stands under the rear axle . 


    Step 3:  

    Remove the rear wheels from the vehicle.    Now remove the rear shocks, swaybar links, An lower control arms  from the vehicle.   Once the shocks and control arms are removed use a tape measure to measure the distance from the brake flange on the axle to the center of the Lower arm mount.   Using a magnetic angle finder measure the angle the of the control arm mount on the back side .   Record those numbers for later .


    Step 4:

    Cut off your lower control arm mount from the vehicle and grind the area smooth to prep for welding.


    Step 5:

    Using your work station  Stand the JK4427-1 bracket  on the end so the coping for the axle is facing down there should be a small tab facing up on the bracket.   Place the JK4427-2 on top of of the  JK4427-1  The tab and square keyway should line up.    Now with them lined up tack weld the brackets together.    Now take the JK4427-3 tab and insert it into the square keyway on the back of the JK4427-1     the bottom of the JK4427-3 and top corner of the JK4427-2 should make contact on all 3 its and sit slightly on top of the JK4427-2  Tack weld that bracket into place.    With all of the brackets in place you can repeat the process on the other set of brackets  then fully weld them together. 


    Step 6:

    Using the measurements that you previously recorded position the control arms mounts onto the axle and weld them into place.  

    (The Jk4427-1 will be the driver side the JK4427-4  will be the passenger side.)


    Step 7:

    Once the brackets are welded into place you can clean them of any machining oil from the manufacturing process and spray them with some self-etching primer and paint. 


    Step 8.

    Install the Lower control arms ,  shocks and sway bar links back on the vehicle  along with the wheels and tires.  (Do not fully tighten the bolts yet.)


    Step 9.

    Using the jack raise the vehicle up off of the jack stands remove the jack stands from under the frame and axle  then lower the vehicle to the ground.  Once the vehicle is on the ground you can torque all bolts to factory specs .


    After 50 miles check all bolts for tightness and re torque if needed. 

    Install videos are coming soon.

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